Header Describing Teacher Incentive Allotment: A total of $600,000 in bonuses were awarded to teachers at Ingram Elementary School, Ingram Middle School, and Ingram Tom Moore High School. this schoolyear.  "Recognized Teachers" earned a $6,000/year bonus for 5 years  "Exemplary Teachers" earned a $12,000/year bonus for 5 years  "Master Teachers" earned a $23,000/year bonus for 5 years  Here is a feature of one of IISD’s Designees
A quote about Jennifer O'Dowd: Mrs. O'Dowd possesses all the traits of a natural leader in the classroom. She not only inspires and guides students in the learning process, but she creates an environment where students thrive academically and personally.
A description of Jennifer O'Dowd

Ingram Independent School District News

Teacher Incentive day
Ingram Independent School District celebrates teacher incentive pay

In front of hundreds of students, the Ingram Independent School District celebrated the distribution of thousands of dollars in bonuses.

Tue Feb 20 02:43 PM

Ingram Tom Moore High School football
Ingram Tom Moore announces 2024 football schedule

With a new district, the Warriors are aiming to get back to the playoffs for the first since in six years.

Thu Feb 08 02:40 PM

National Honor Society honors
53 Ingram Tom Moore students selected for National Honor Society

It's one of the high school's largest classes to earn induction into the elite National Honor Society class

Wed Feb 07 01:44 PM

Ingram Tom Moore High School softball
Warriors open new softball field

The field is part of a $25 million bond package approved by district voters in 2022.

Tue Feb 06 04:07 PM

Ingram Tom Moore High School Veterans Virtual Wall of Honor for Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine and Space Force

Small School. Big Futures.