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Do you need to contact the IISD Transportation Dept?

Call 830-955-8549 

There will be a person answering the phone for help from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Fax line 830-955-8554

Frequently Ask Questions

Children and parent, if young child, shoud be at the bus stop 10 minutes before bus normally arrives. They should not be in the house. If a student misses the bus, parents should bring their child to school. On rare occasions someone can come pick the student up.

Most of our buses currently have video coverage.

Defintely. You should sent a note to the office containing the student's name and grade level as well as the name, grade and address of the person they are going home with.

The driver usually will turn in items of value to the transportation office for safe keeping. Jackets, lunch boxes, folders, backpacks, etc. will be left on the bus to pick up the next time they board the bus.

To ensure safety, all pre - k through 1st grade students should be met by an adult unless there is an older sibling (3rd grade and up) with them.

Each student will be allowed one drop off address to ensure each student's safety. In the event parents have separate addresses the students should go to the address most used and the other parent should meet the student at the drop off address on their day or the student should be a car rider. This way there is no confusion for the student or teacher.