Student Health Advisory Counsel (SHAC)

SHAC is a group of individual’s representative of segments of the community, generally appointed by the school district to serve at the district level.  They provide advice on coordinated school health programming and its impact on student’s health and learning. SHAC provides recommendations specific to changes and/or additions to the school’s health education curriculum or instruction that impact the entire school district, not just individual campuses.  SHAC can only make recommendations to the school district Board of Trustees.


What do they do?

The SHAC has a variety of roles.  SHACs must address the responsibilities outlined in the Texas Education Code. However, the most effective SHACs develop plans that address all eight components of a coordinated school health program as listed here:

  •     Health Instruction
  •     Healthful school environment
  •     Health services
  •     Physical Education         
  •     School counseling
  •     Food services
  •     School site health promotion for faculty and staff
  •     Integrated school and community programs