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Peterson Health looks to improve water safety

Making a summer time pastime safer

Peterson Health and Gibson's Discount Center are partnering to help prevent drownings by equipping children with life jackets. 
Peterson Health's trauma team is fundraising to provide 200 life jackets to three- and four-year-old children at the highest risk of drowning. 
Gibson's Discount Center in Kerrville has generously partnered with Peterson Health to offer life jackets in-store for community purchase and donate several life jackets to the program.
"This hits us close to home here at Peterson Health," said Dr. Josephine Livingston, director of Peterson Health's trauma medical director. "This campaign is especially important to us because we have had one of our own employees lose a child to a swimming tragedy. It effects the entire Peterson community in a profound way so we are proud to take part in this cause and hope to prevent this from happening to anyone else."
On Thursday, May 25, students and parents of the Early Childhood Center will get a water safety class, and every student will leave with a lifejacket.
"We hope this is the start of a great safety cause," said Darin Smith, trauma program manager at Peterson Health. "We have aspirations that this program will grow in force and we will be able to one day provide every child in the district with a life jacket."
Community members can learn more and donate to the program by visiting, or stop by Gibson's Discount Center at 111 West Main Street in Kerrville to purchase in-store.