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    There is something beautiful in everyday.  You just have to find it!

    Look for the positive.

  • Mrs. Arledge  

    Lisa Arledge, Ingram Tom Moore High School Counselor

    Welcome to my website!

    I'm so glad you dropped by! If you'd like to reach out to me, my phone number 830-367-4111 #107 or by email at larledge@ingramisd.net

    My Goals:

    • To help students individually, in small groups and advise them on a wide variety of issues including academic requirements, college applications, and personal concerns.
    • To create an environment which fosters academic, career, personal, and social development.
    • To manage student programs and carefully evaluate student progress in accumulating credits in each subject area sequence to satisfy diploma requirements. 
    • To empower students to take on today’s challenges and reach their full potential.