Phone: 830-367-5517


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Marbach


Teacher: English 3 & 4 teacher

Asst Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator: Football

Head Coach: Golf

Past Experience: Started teaching and coaching in 1996.  I have taught English I, English II, English III, English IV, Creative Writing, Research Writing, Literary Genres, Health, PE, Teen Leadership, and other classes.  I have 12 years of experience as an Athletic Director / Head Football Coach and 15 seasons of experience as a Head Basketball Coach, as well as multiple years as a head golf coach and a head track coach.

Welcome Letter:  Welcome to English 3 / 4 with Coach Marbach.  My goal for my English classes this year will be to help you expand and enhance the way you think about and communicate with the world around you.  We will balance having a great time with deep learning and thinking.  

Tutoring: Due to my before and after-school coaching responsibilities, any students who need help can set up tutoring with me by talking to me or emailing me.  If you need help, we will work together to find a way to get together for tutoring time.

Schedule:  1st - MS Athletics

                  2nd - Eng 4

                  3rd - Eng 3

                  4th - Eng 4

                  5th - HS Athletics

                  6th - College Bridge TSI

                  7th - Eng 3

                  8th - Conference