• Ingram ISD Board Elections

    The Ingram ISD Board of Trustees consists of seven members elected by the public to serve overlapping three-year terms. Elections are held annually in May. Candidates do not represent specific geographical areas. Each represents Ingram ISD as a whole. Following the annual election, the Board elects officers (president, vice president and secretary) to serve one-year terms.

    Current Board Members:

    Jack Fairchild- President- Term Expires May 2021
    Vern Stehling- Vice President- Term Expires May 2021
    Allen Samford- Secretary- Term Expires- May 2020
    Chandler McClintock- Member- Term Expires May 2022
    Adam Nichols- Member- Term Expires May 2022
    Rachel London- Member- Term Expires May 2020- 
    Bennett Woodruff - Member - Term Expires May 2023

    Physical and Mailing Address for Filing Application: Ingram ISD 510 College Street Ingram, TX 78025

    Contact Lisa Hansen for questions: lhansen@ingramisd.net 830-367-5517 ext. 504