Frequently Asked Questions


    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    We would like to thank the community for the positive feedback following the installment of School Marshals at Ingram ISD. We appreciate your support and would like to be responsive to several questions that have come up. Below, we will attempt to provide answers to the most common questions. Feel free to contact any school administrator should you have further questions. Have a great year!

    • Who are the School Marshals?

    There are 5 highly trained marshals at Ingram ISD. All are commissioned by TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) as school marshals. Their names are confidential.

    • What training did the School Marshals receive?

    The Marshals attended 80 hours of training at a police academy last summer and became highly proficient at physical security, improving campus security, use of force when necessary, active shooter response and weapon proficiency. They have been trained to watch for possible situations before they escalate. All marshals are Ingram ISD employees and hold a valid license to carry. They have all passed extensive psychological tests, are fully CPR and first aid trained. Additionally, they have attended an extensive course in non-violent crisis intervention. They will also train regularly with local law enforcement agencies, and with them, conduct joint drills and scenario training.

    • When are the Marshals on duty?

    Marshals are on duty during all school hours and at all extracurricular home events. They carry on with their normal duties and can be ready to appropriately react quickly. They will NOT be on duty during events that do not occur on IISD property (Ex: field trips, away games etc.)

    • Where are the Marshals stationed on a daily basis?

    We have stationed one Marshal per campus and one Marshal is mobile.

    • Why did we start the School Marshals program?

    As always, our goal is to protect our children. We want parents to rest assured that we love your kids as our own and will protect them at all cost. In the world we live in today, we have to take proactive steps to ensure safety. We feel our School Marshals are the right people to protect our greatest assets, our children. Their training provides a sense of peace.
    Thank you for entrusting your children to us each and every day! 

    Dr. Robert Templeton
    IISD Superintendent